mixing & mastering

Providing excellent mixing and mastering services for clients looking for affordable professional mixes that captures emotions, clarity, and of course, that radio-friendly sound that everybody loves. With years of producing and helping indie artists craft the best sound possible, It is my commitment to  provide all my clients my best effort on any projects that I undertake.  Because you deserve the best. Please don't hesitate should you have any questions!


Mixing Room

Mixing Room

Vocal Booth

Vocal Booth


MIXING: $300/SONG CAD (Includes 1 Revision)

MASTERING: $60/SONG CAD (Includes 1 Revision)

Vocal Tuning: $20/Song CAD

Revisions: $10/Song/Mixing    |     $10/Song/Mastering


**Discount available for multi-track projects. Inquire for more info.

**Average turnaround time is 3-8 days. Rush service (+$20)


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terms & policies

DEFINITIONS: In this terms and policies section, "client" means any person who agrees to use the services provided by the producer/engineer. "Producer/engineer" refers to the service provider James Zhang

PAYMENTS: Half of the payment amount will be paid at the beginning of the project and the other half will be delivered at the end of the project. The file will be released to the client upon the delivery of the full amount. In the event that revisions and vocal tuning services is to be undertaken, the extra amount will be added to the final amount owing. The client will be notified in advance.

TERMINATION OF SERVICE: The client reserves the right to terminate services at any point during the production process. If termination of service is effected, no refund shall be given. 

INDEMNIFICATION: The client agrees to indemnify and hold the producer/engineer harmless from any loss suffered or incurred by the client arising out of, or in any way relating to the services provided.

COPYRIGHT: It is the client's responsibility to get permission to use copyrighted material (samples). The producer/engineer does not take any responsibility if you are in violation of copyright laws.