Music Review: "Satisfy" - Vedera

Here's a song that I thought I'd start as my first music review because it's one of those songs that you get hooked on the first time you listen to it. 

So the story goes, I was on my lunch break and heard this catchy tune on the radio and I had one of those Must-Shazam Moments (MSM) and came across this amazing song.  

"Satisfy" by Vedera (a former rock band from Kansas City active from 2004-2011) has all the elements of a commercial music sound with a catchy melody, lovesick lyrics and a resonant big vocal sound from Kristen May, the former lead singer for Vedera. Satisfy is from the band's second album "Stages".

I think what caught my attention was definitely the voice of Kristen May. Her sound has a lot of presence and shine which really cuts through in the song and helps contribute to the over all emotional impact of the music. 

The style really reminds me of music by Avril Lavigne, Jimmy Eats World, Blink 182, and other rock bands that seemed to dominate the rock/pop/alternative scene a decade to about couple years ago. So if you're a fan of those genres, here's a song you would definitely love. 

The band was signed to Epic Records but unfortunately they've disbanded in 2011. But they did leave us with this great tune which I'm happy to have came across and now it's on my favorite playlist!

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Click the image to listen to "Satisfy - Vedera"